DISEC – Disarmament and International Security Committee


  • Ensuring the Security and Sustainability of Outer Space Activities
  • Eradicating the Risk of Nuclear Proliferation



SPECPOL – The Special Political and Decolonization Committee


  • Recognition of the Current Situation in Afghanistan and Tackling Its Effects In the Scope of Human Rights and International Laws
  • Effects of Online Voting on Post-Election Processes and Ensuring Peaceful Transfer of Power


UNODC – United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime


  • The Issue of Illegal Substance Production in Afghanistan.
  • Combatting Illegal Immigration and the Threats It Poses to Developing Countries as Part of Increased Crime Rates Related to Discrimination


OHCHR – The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights


  • Protection Against Persecution and Deprivation of Rights Based on Gender Identity and Preventing Any Future-Risk That Can Occur in the Scope of Human Rights
  • The Issue of Famine and Thirst In Sudan and Overcoming the Difficulty of Access to Food and Water




  • Adopting An Integrated Approach to Preserve Biosecurity and Reducing the Risk of     Disease Transmission
  • Patents, Paradigm Shifts and Progress In Biomedical Science
  • Establishing Ways to Make Post-Covid Waste Management as Less Harmful To     Environment As Possible and International Cooperation In This Regard



 ECOSOC – Economic and Social Council


  • Establishing Methods to Regulate Crypto-Currency
  • Evaluation of the Efficiency of Aids and Fundings Provided by Developed Countries to Developing Countries During the Pandemic and Observing Their Conclusions in the Post-Pandemic Stage.