Disarmament Committee

●Question of Military Robots

●Measures to Prevent Nuclear Proliferation in the Middle East

●Prevention of an Arms Race in Outer Space

Drugs and Crime Committee

●Children in Drug Trafficking

●Combating Wildlife and Forest Crime

●Furthering Regulations Regarding the Border Security

Office of the Higher Commissioner for the Human Rights

●Loss of Human Rights in Conflicts Across the Middle East

●Protecting Tropical Rainforests with Special Regards to the Wellbeing of Indigenous People

●Regulating the Relocation of the Future Coastal Inhabitants


●Question of Western Sahara

●Natural Resource Race in Arctic

●Weaponization of Nuclear Waste

Health and Environment

●Global Measures to Drug and Antibiotic Resistance

●Pacific Garbage Patch

●Taking Measures Against Extinction of Food Crops and Medicinal Herbs

Security Council

●Militarisation of the Arctic Region

●Usage of Artificial Intelligence in Military and Politics


●Achieving the Goal of Low Carbon Global Economy

●Green Enterprise Development

●Repurposing the Global Impact of E-Waste