1.Welcoming Dinner


     The Welcoming Dinner at the end of the first day of the conference is the best way of establishing new friendships and warming the MUN atmosphere. In the welcoming dinner, the music will accompany us all night long and the delicious food will get your praise. Will you miss that, such a tremendous amount of entertainment and a great experience?

Important Note: Please, inform us if you are allergic to anything and if you would like to mention any exceptions, necessary precautions will be taken.




     When we say “good bye” to this year’s conference, we all demand to make this experience unforgettable. To that end, we are arranging a magnificent party which is going to take place at GaGa restaurant on the third day of our conference. We will make sure that you will be having a glorious time while you are dancing until the end of the night.


            3.Advisors’ Trip


     Delegates, we are likely to hear your “NO!”s but this event is only for the advisors.

As we are all aware of, Eskisehir is the city where every step you take leads you to historical and cultural moments and you can encounter the art and the elite. Moreover, we are very proud of that our city is green. And you should definitely witness this beauty. There are lots of destinations that will take your breath away. Therefore, you are certainly recommended to attend this trip. Our Head of Advisors and his team will guide you during the trip and do everything possible to make you feel yourselves at home.