A letter from Secretary General


Dear High School Principals, MUN Directors, Advisors and Participants


As the Secretary General of the first TEDEskişehir Model United Nations conference, it is my most privilege and honor to invite you to a new and delightful MUN experience, TEDESMUN ’19 which will be taken place between 14th and 17th of March.


The conference’s theme, which is “Tenacious Strength Future”, is about preparing the nations for the issues and problems that may arise in 30 years or closer. Due to the climate change, the future we expect is not so bright. At least twelve types of plants, which include basic food crops like wheat and rice, could go extinct in the next thirty years. Because of the water levels rising, island states and coastal areas are slowly vanishing into the sea, thus forcing coastal inhabitants to leave their homes. Meanwhile another question raised in the means of peace and disarmament is with the development of combat robots. Keeping the possible usages of Artificial Intelligence in military and as a manipulative tool in politics in mind, technological developments could threat the future of the mankind if necessary regulations have not been made. Military activities in the Arctic region, which is mainly caused by resources found in the area, is another ongoing issue in regards to peace and security. And so, we created our six General Assembly committees with the purpose of a better future, a tenacious strength future.


       For conference and accommodation venue, we have decided to work with Eskisehir Hilton Garden Inn and Divan Express Eskisehir, which are located in downtown. After exhausting debating sessions we’ve planned two social gatherings, the welcoming dinner and a party that everyone will surely enjoy, and a free evening, in which you can sightsee the peaceful city of Eskisehir, for participants to relax and loosen up.


      We, as TED Eskişehir MUN club are looking forward to seeing you all in March for a delightful MUN experience. Your missions as the delegates of the United Nations are to have a great time while solving the important issues in our world, and to leave no one behind by taking the right decisions.


Kind Regards                                                                                                     


Orçun OKUR, Secretary General