Dear High School Principals, MUN Directors, Advisors and Participants,

My name is Berkin GÜNAL, I am the Secretary-General of this conference, and on behalf of the Secretariat, it is my utmost honour to welcome you to the 3rd installation of TEDESMUN Model United Nations Conference which will be held throughout 26-28th of May 2022 at TED Eskişehir College Private Anatolian High School.

We at TEDESMUN 2022, are hopeful to treat you with irreplicable experience throughout our conference and make sure all of you honorable visitors have a wonderful conference.

I would like to really start my letter by further elaborating on our theme for this year. which is called “Unity in Diversity” and explain its meanings for us at TEDESMUN, both literally and metaphorically.

“Unity in Diversity” is an abstract concept of unity between discrete individuals or groups .This implies a common Notion for not only appreciating each other’s differences but recognizing others existence as a whole. This concept has become more perceptible since in these conditions of today’s global crisis, with the continual and simultaneity interaction among distant and distinct identities, value systems , traditions. This new orientation of communication suggested the requirements of a systematic approach that eliminate the differences between all individuals and bring a unified language that no one is neglected over its disparity.

“Unity in Diversity” means unification, glocalization, problem solving, ending the years old separation, segregation and discrimination, knowing no boundaries, and most importantly, BEING UNITED AS ONE.

In our concept of “Unity in Diversity”;a problem that occurs in some parts of the world does not mean that the residents of those respective parts of the world are abandoned while dealing with these issues. Instead, at TEDESMUN 2022, we strongly urge this unification process and we believe the ideology of “Your issue is our, the entire world’s issue; not just yours” and we urge you fellow participants to respond and resolve these problems accordingly.

I would like to thank all participants for their efforts to make the world a better place.


Berkin GÜNAL

Secretary General of TEDESMUN 2022